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mcr rocks

++ name: Jessy

++ age: 16

++ gender: f-f-female

++ where're ya from? Ohio.

++ how did you find out about mcr? Honestly, it's been too long I don't remember. I think my friend from Michigan, he's always up on bands and stuff, he probably told me about them.

++ why do you like them? Oh dear. First of all, I can't get enough of Gerard's voice. It's what first attracted me. Second of all, their lyrics are so honest and so symbolic, it's sick. Everything they've written have been something they've gone through. Their music isn't just something to listen to, it's so much more. But at the same time you can have fun with it. It's just everything I like.

++ which band member is your favorite?uhhm. Well I love them all equally, the band wouldn't be the same without them all, but I must stay I adore Gerard's voice, and he is very handsome... so the 16 year old girl in me is gonna have to come out and say Gerard.

++ which song is your favorite. You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison is my favorite off of Revenge.. because.. well it's just fun, even though the meaning of the song is a little.. odd. haha. It's real catchy, and every time I find myself bored or without music.. I just can't help but start singing "In the middle of a gun fight...in the center of a restaurant.." From Bullets my favorite is This Is The Best Day Ever.. at the end when Gerard sceams "one day we'll run away". It gets me everytime.

++ have you been to any of their concerts? how many? Yes, only one unfortunately. Taste of Chaos. It wasn't until last year that I was allowed to go to concerts. I wanted to see them at Warped but unfotunately they didn't come to the 3 venues around me. I was very bummed. And I wasn't able to go to the Green Day/MCR one because I just went to Taste of Chaos then 3 days later I went to the Motion City Soundtrack/FFTL concert. I was shit broke.

++ what are some of your other favorite bands? Motion City Soundtrack, Atreyu, Alexisonfire, He Is Legend, Thursday, The Used, The Secret Lives of the Freemasons, Greeley Estates, Every Time I Die, Between Home and Serenity, Head Automatica. Oh there are so many.

++ what are your favorite lyrics (doesnt have to be by mcr, just name the band with the lyrics)?Oh geez. Hard one...

Oh why can't I be what you need?
A new improved version of me.
But I'm nothing so good
no, I'm nothing...
just bones, a lonely ghost burning down songs
of violence, of love, and of sorrow.
I beg for just one more tomorrow!
Where you'd hold me down, fold me in
deep deep deep in the heart of your sins.
"Autumns Monologue" From Autumn To Ashes

I picked that because that song is my total low self-esteem depressed song. So I listen to it alot and the lyrics just fit.

++ what do you think about drugs and alcoholism? I think it's best if people just do not get into them. And I'm so proud of people that can over come them once getting involved. Sort of like Gerard... I was reading an artical in Spin magazine and it almost made me cry. Okay I did sort of cry. He was talking about his pills/alcohol/coke problems and how he just stopped for the survival of the band, and it just blew me away. That's why their music is so powerful to me.

++ what about teen pregnancy? Teen pregnancy... sucks. My parents were 17 when they had me, and I know they had to make so many sacrifices. Your young-adult hood is practically ruined if you get pregnant at a young age. That is why I made the choice of being abstinant just because, well... I can hardly take care of my own life and I don't want to be in charge of another life.

++ Anything else you'd like to share?Uhmm. I like fried chicken? (Sorry, I'm eating dinner as we speak and thats what I'm eating)

++ Feel free to post pictures of yourself and/or of the band.

I'm just gonna post that cuz it makes me laugh. It looks like he should be saying "mwahahah".

But after August 1st I will have pictures to show of me and them! Because I am definitely meeting them at Warped Tour ;-)

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