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++ name: Aviva

++ age: 14

++ gender: female

++ where're ya from? michigan

++ how did you find out about mcr? um, i kinda stumbled apon them about a year ago, and i really liked them.

++ why do you like them? uh, becasue of their ability to ROCK! and their lyrics are unlike anything ive ever heard before.

++ which band member is your favorite? mikey or frank

++ which song is your favorite? all of them. but i really like give 'em hell kid, to the end, and thank you for the venom

++ have you been to any of their concerts? how many? yes, i have. 1, when they played with green day. and i saw them backstage also.

++ what are some of your other favorite bands? green day, plain white tees, relient K, simple plan, all american rejects, the used...

++ what are your favorite lyrics (doesnt have to be by mcr, just name the band with the lyrics)? anything by MCR, but i really like this..
---And never again, and never again
---They gave us two shots to the back of the head
---And we're all dead now

++ what do you think about drugs and alcoholism? hey- do what you want. its not my problem if you get addicted.

++ what about teen pregnancy? mm... i think that you should wait, and explore the world while your young and not a mother.

++ Anything else you'd like to share? you may add me if you wish.

++ Feel free to post pictures of yourself and/or of the band. okay, this is me...

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