lynds (cut_x_me_x_deep) wrote in x0_chemical_0x,

mcr rocks

++ name: lindsay lubick

++ age: 14

++ gender: girl

++ where're ya from? florida!

++ how did you find out about mcr? uhhmm... browsing sites

++ why do you like them? they have amazing talant, and they are uber cute.

++ which band member is your favorite? mikey, he is s0o adorable.

++ which song is your favorite. hhmm... i like headfirst for halos, because i like the beat to it and the lyrics.

++ have you been to any of their concerts? how many? i have been to one. they were opening for greenday. it was totally rad. i loved it. i want to see them at warped, and i am going to see them at the hardrock cafe.

++ what are some of your other favorite bands? fall out boy, taking back sunday, and the used.

++ what are your favorite lyrics (doesnt have to be by mcr, just name the band with the lyrics)? hhmm... i like the lyrics, 'Turn off the lights and turn off the shyness. Cause all of our moves make up for the silence. And oh, the way your makeup stains my pillowcase. Like I'll never be the same.' from fall out boy.

++ what do you think about drugs and alcoholism? i think it is only an escape from the real world, when once in a while is okay, but it should be a vacation, not doing drugs. i mean, it'll get better, if you try and if you want it to.

++ what about teen pregnancy? i think that everyone should wait until they're married to have sex. i mean, that's just my opinion.

++ Anything else you'd like to share? uhhmm... jus that i love my chemical romance, and that's why i wanted to join!

++ Feel free to post pictures of yourself and/or of the band. sorry, i don't have any.
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