a wonderful caricature of intimacy <3 (hot_twin_luva) wrote in x0_chemical_0x,
a wonderful caricature of intimacy <3

My aplication

++ name: liz

++ age: 19

++ gender: girl

++ where're ya from? Toronto, canada

++ how did you find out about mcr?
My friend got me three cheers for sweet revenge for my birthday
++ why do you like them?
I like how twisted the lyrics are and how catchy the beats are
++ which band member is your favorite?
Gerard or mikey
++ which song is your favorite.
Thank you for the venom
++ have you been to any of their concerts? how many?
++ what are some of your other favorite bands?
Green Day, Mest and alexisonfire
++ what are your favorite lyrics (doesnt have to be by mcr, just name the band with the lyrics)?

They all cheat at cards and the checkers are lost
My cellmate's a killer, they made me do push-ups (in drag)
But nobody cares if you're losing yourself.. am I losing myself?!
Well, I miss my mom
Will they give me the chair
Or lethal injection, or swing from a rope if you dare
Ah, nobody knows.. all the trouble I've seen!

++ what do you think about drugs and alcoholism?
I’m not a fan of drugs, but I don’t mind alcohol
++ what about teen pregnancy?
Its horrible, my sister friend got pregnant when she was 16 and her whole life was put on hold for her baby

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